University Officials

Anonymous Student - University of California
"Can you imagine living on the cutting edge of life with such a keen awareness of your mortality? For three years he lived every day with the reality that it might be his last. That would have a profound effect on anybody’s psyche. It was amazing he maintained the generosity and competitive edge he did."
Albert H. Bowker – Chancellor,
University of California, Berkeley (1971-1980)
"His humility and quiet courage in triumph and now in tragedy showed him to be an extraordinary young man."
Dave Maggard – University of California,
Athletic Director (1972-1990)
"Joe was a phenomenal guy, showing great courage and a great desire to live. To the end, he never gave up. The awareness of how he wanted to handle it was a help to those near him. The way he accepted thing made everyone tougher and stronger. Joe Roth was an All-American boy. When I think of him, his athletic ability is inconsequential."
John McCasey – Sports Information Director,
University of California (1975-1983)
"We in the California athletic department feel very fortunate to have had such a person as Joe Roth touch our lives. Certainly none of us will ever forget this exceptional human being and the outstanding qualities that such a young person possessed. He showed us courage in the face of adversity, modesty in all the adulation his football exploits gained him and responsibility that goes with being an All-American quarterback and a fine student."
Bob Orr – Head Football Trainer,
University of California (1965-1994)
"He never came to me with any of that. I didn’t know he was sick. He was an amazing young man."
David Saxon – President,
University of California System (1975-1983)
"Joe Roth was a symbol of excellence I hope will always be at the hallmark of the university. His great courage and determination to perform should be an inspiration to all of us."