Ted Albrecht Offensive Lineman, #79 (1973-1976) albrecht
"I don't know how he can live with that thing, or how he can handle it so easily. He just calms everybody with his courage. A lot of writers are sitting on this story. They know about it and they won't use it because they like him. I think they are tired of athletes who think only of themselves. Nobody will ever say that about Joe."
Eric Anderson Quarterback, #5 (1976-1979) anderson
"Joe taught all of us gratitude and how to have strength from within. I was so fortunate to have been the friend of the person who was my idol."
Fred Besana Quarterback & Road Game Roommate,
#11 (1975-1976)
"It was a little bit different situation, but it was pretty hard not to root for Joe. He was a great guy, and he never had a bad word for anyone. We did compete, but at the same time, only one guy could play."

"We all knew there were some issues, but nobody knew they were as dire as they turned out to be. Looking back on it, there is no question that it weighed heavy on this mind. But he never said anything."
Matt Bouza Wide Receiver, #10 (1977-1980) bouza
"Joe Roth was an inspiration to everyone who knew him. He led by example, not words. He had great faith and mental toughness. That was depicted in the way he dealt with death."
Ron Coccimiglio Safety, #27 (1977-1980) coccimiglio
"Joe is someone you use as an example of the way you try to live your life but never do. He was someone you looked up to and who made you feel welcome. I feel fortunate to have had my life touched by Joe Roth."
Gary Graumann Quarterback, #17 (1975-1978) graumann
"It's the greatest award I've ever received as an athlete. It was of special significance to me because I knew Joe on and off the field. Joe has not been forgotten. The older players who knew him have a very special feeling about Joe and the younger guys are learning about him. Joe Roth is very much a part of Cal tradition."
Kirk Karacozoff Noseguard, #55 (1977-1980) karacozoff
"Joe was a man of 21 who had lived a complete life. I was a freshman just in awe of him. He made anyone from all walks of life feel comfortable. It was a great honor just to play a year with him. Joe was a guy who had a lot of esteem on and off the field."
Chuck Muncie Running Back, #42 (1972-1975) muncie
"I think he's already where Bart was last year. What he's done these few weeks is outrageous! What he has over Bart is coolness under pressure. There were times when Bart would get a little frantic. Not Joe he's calm and confident."
Steve Rivera Wide Receiver, #7 (1972-1975) rivera
"I really can't believe how outstanding Joe has become. When he first came out for football in the spring (1975), he really didn't have a clue what was going on. But his progress has been amazing it's really something to see him get so good."
Wesley Walker Wide Receiver, #99 (1973-1976) walker
"I have never met anybody who isn't the cocky type who is such a good quarterback."
Bob Warner Noseguard, #85 (1975-1976) warner
"Joe was the same the first day of spring football as he was when we were winning those big games."
Duane Williams Center, #71 (1975-1976) williams
"He's the most special person I've ever met."