Lawrence Roth Joe's Father Lawrence Roth
"Joe didn't fear dying. He didn't complain about the suffering most people would have given up 10 days earlier."
Lena Roth Joe's Mother Lena Roth
"We want Joe's story told for two significant reasons. First to help young people who are searching for some direction in their lives. I hope Joe will serve as an inspiration, perhaps. He was a great athlete, a fine student, and a very good person. We also want to give some support to others who have cancer. I can't tell you how many letters I received from people with cancer. They've heard of Joe's strength and want to communicate with us about it."
Tom Roth Joe's Middle Brother Tom Roth
"He had three goals. He wanted to do well in his classes, and he did that. He wanted to play in the post-season game; he did that. He wanted to be drafted and play pro football. He would have done that, but he ran out of time."

"The medical people were very, very honest with Joe. He knew the odds were not in his favor, but he never lost hope. There was always a chance; he clung to that. Joe wasn't bitter, he had no self-pity. He wanted his illness to be treated in a low-key manner because he had a lot of class. He was a positive influence on the campus; he was unassuming and well mannered."