NFL Executives

Don Klosterman – General Manager, Los Angeles Rams (1972-1982)
"Joe Roth's don't come along very often. He had all the ingredients of a great leader who could only improve a franchise. In fact, with his personality along with those God-given talents, he could actually make a franchise. We had him rated as high as Namath."
John Thompson – General Manager, Seattle Seahawks (1975-1982)
"But for argument's sake, let's just say he'd be available to us,” said Thompson, who originally had the second pick in the draft and made a trade for draft choices that allowed Dallas to choose Pittsburgh running back Tony Dorsett. “Forget all the speculation. We had only six offers for the pick, and three were worth considering. Dallas's was far and away the best. If Roth had been available, you can bet we'd have had a lot more serious and substantial overtures."
Jack White – Vice President of Personnel, San Francisco 49ers
"We have him rated as the top quarterback in the country. One of the most impressive things about him is his poise."