Paul Hackett – Quarterback Coach,
University of California (1974-1975)
"When I went to look at him in junior college, I just had to see him throw one ball and I said, that's the guy. He's in a class by himself. Bartkowski had more strength and threw harder, but Joe makes up for velocity with that great ability to anticipate and release quickly. When he sees that open receiver, bang, the balls out of his hand and that defensive back better be ready because it's going to be there."

"You hear about this guy and you want to say, 'Is he for real?' He was so special that it's just very difficult for others to comprehend."

"Joe was in a class by himself. A lot of guys were stronger and threw harder, but Joe compensated with a great ability to anticipate and release quickly."

Dave Jordan – Head Football Coach,
Grossmont Junior College
Dave Jordan
"As a player here he was a quiet leader who came through with some clutch plays that helped make us a championship team. He was unbelievable under fire and pressure. He kept his cool and helped me keep mine, too. He was an unbelievable person."

"You learn to love all your players, but Joe had so many good qualities. He was always so humble, so considerate. If there ever was a perfect guy, Joe would be it. He did no wrong."

"Joe's a very mature quarterback who doesn't get rattled easily."

"We're never out of the game when Joe's in there. He's worth at least five yards every play. You know he can deliver if he's given any time at all to throw."

"I really never thought we were going to lose this game because we had Joe Roth and they didn't."
Barry Switzer – Head Football Coach,
University of Oklahoma (1973-1988)
"He's the best I've seen as a coach."

"Roth is the best I've faced as a coach. None of the others had such a quick delivery with such a great arm while throwing such a soft ball – all of his should be caught. I'll bet he's never been harassed so much, but he kept getting up and hitting his receivers. We took away his deep stuff, but he still hurt us. I could tell he was hurting at the end of the game, but he kept going."
Jim Symington – Head Football Coach,
Granite Hills High School
"Joe led by example – he wasn't a screamer. His attitude and presence made him a leader. I've seen a lot of QBs with physical tools, but they just didn't react like Joe. He had a knack for audibilizing when other guys would freeze."

"He's the type of guy who exemplified everything a coach enjoys working with. He always has been exceptional…He was such a mature young man, capable of handling all the honors he got and still keeping everything in its proper perspective – a typical All-American-style kid, but not like the heroes of today, or many or them, who think only about what's in it for me."
Roger Theder – Running Backs Coach,
University of California (1972-1977)
"He was amazing on that trip (to Japan Bowl 1977). He was in pain, but acted like nothing was the matter. Joe just didn't want people feeling sorry for him. He wanted to be treated like everyone else."

"Guys like Plunkett and Bartkowski had more velocity, but Joe's release and touch were the best."
Mike White – Head Football Coach,
University of California (1972-1977)
Mike White
"By getting Joe, I think it'll help our entire program in recruiting other kids."

"His courage was unbelievable. He handled the situation better than most of us who were around him. Joe's outlook was so positive, so hopeful – it rubbed off on everyone. He was hurting, yet he carried on like nothing was happening."

"On and off the field, Joe was the finest individual I have ever been associated with in athletics. Joe had an impact on everyone he came into contact with."

"It may be a long time before I really come to understand what Joe gave to us...what his legacy was. He had this most amazing courage. He never feared dying. Other people would have given up long before he did, but he never ceased fighting. They tell me people in his position usually get bitter. But he was still making jokes and laughing and all that. So when I think of him, I laugh. If I don't do that, I know I'll be letting him down. So I laugh and … if I didn't...I know damn well I'd cry. To say that he was an inspiration just isn't enough."
Don Rohrke – Quarterback & Receiver Coach, Grossmont Junior College (1973)
"Roth is a first class kid. He has as great understanding for the game and he's willing to listen to his coaches."