Melanoma Cancer Research Fund - UCSF

At the time of Joe's death, the Roth family requested that contributions be made to the Joe Roth Melanoma Cancer Research Fund in lieu of flowers. Nearly $25,000 was instantly raised and given to the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) for cancer research. The donations received by the University often included letters expressing sorrow for Joe’s death. The University compiled these letters and presented the Roth family with a set of copies. Below is one such letter from the Cal football team’s dentist, Dr. George Oldenbourg, Jr. The letter says:

Enclosed is a donation in memory of a fine young man – Joe Roth.
Perhaps some day his type of loss may be prevented by your research.
George Oldenbourg, Jr.

GMO Letter

The contributors to the Joe Roth Melanoma Cancer Research Fund received a thank you recognition card for their donation. An authentic thank you card is pictured below.

Roth Cancer Fund Card