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1976 Season Memories

Posted November 19, 2011 @ 7:43PM by Sharon in Georgia
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I attended the University of Georgia in 1976 and remember how great Joe Roth was as a QB that year. I remember how hearing of his death affected the men on our football squad there at UGA. Tonight I decided to Google "Cal QB 1976 Season" and discovered Joe Roth's name and was astonished to see that his jersey was retired, there are memorials in his name, etc. It is so wonderful to realize that his memory and fame live on and lives are still being affected by his too short of a life here on Earth. Living in the South I had no idea how much has been done in his memory! I am so happy to know that he has never been forgotten, even by me who never met him. I hope this message gets to his family and they realize that he had an impact on so many of us that remember him from that 1976 season. I'm so sorry for your loss.