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Team Mate Mom

Posted November 7, 2008 @ 11:21AM by Shirl
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Joe was such and inspiration at Granite Hills. Everything just looked so natural. Joe was a tall, skinny ,long legged young man , but he had strength and he could deliver that football. My son, Jimmie Johnson(not the Nascar one) played with Joe along with Mike Ortega, and Don Kramer. That is when I started to really enjoy football. They were exciting to watch.My son made the first touchdown his freshman year.Joe was a leader and we certainly lost One of a kind in him. My family was at Granite recently when they retired his # 12 jersey. Our grandson plays there. It was quite emotional for me because our son Jimmie is also deceased. But we can all cherish the early memories of our sons and be extremely proud. I am positive had Joe lived he would have been one of the greatest professional Quarterbacks of all time.I knew when his nephew walked on the field as part of the retirement ceremony, he was a Roth. His hair, his face, the way he walked. His family can rest assured that Joe will always be remembered at Granite Hills with Love, and the fondest memories. He is still missed. A Mom that remembers. Shirley Johnson