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Joe was funny

Posted February 19, 2010 @ 8:36AM by Tom
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Joe and I became familiar with each other while competing in varsity sports. Joe was a three sport star at Granite Hills High while I played football and baseball at rival Santana High School. Participating in football while lining up against each other (Joe at quarterback and me playing middle linebacker), were memorable games with Granite Hills always being still stings! Joe was funny during battle with a very relaxed and kidding demeanor. Engaging in a varsity baseball game, Joe stepped into the batters box (I was the catcher) and was quite chatty. He would tease "how you gonna get me out this time Saska?" I would respond "you can't hit" and then he would rope a line drive double to right center. I liked Joe from our first minute of competition. Following high school, Joe and I became close friends at Grossmont College. In our sophomore season (1974) we achieved perfection by becoming California State Champs with an undefeated season. Having similar leadership qualities led us to being season long team captains of both offense and defense. I cherished walking at Joe's side to the center of the gridiron prior to each game. Standing arm in arm before kickoff was such a thrill, I knew how special each "coin toss" was. Joe wanted me to make the "heads or tails" call and always let me do it. He'd humorously say "you call it know everything"! Deep down Joe was greater than needing the pre-game thrill. His enjoyment came from watching me passionately doing so. This was Joe Roth, he was bigger than life. Tom Saska Teammate & Friend