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Joe Roth/Pete Sitta and Kip's

Posted February 21, 2009 @ 9:11AM by NortonBear
My freshman year (1974) at CAL in lived in the dorms at Norton Hall. In the spring quarter 1975, Pete Sitta, who became CAL's starting middle linebacker in 1975, moved into Norton along with the guy who would be CAL's punter the next 2 years. Turns out Pete was friends with Joe Roth from their JC days in San Diego. Pete and Joe went to rival schools. The first week on that quarter, Pete invited me along with Joe and several other CAL FB players to go out to Kip's for dinner and to drink some beer. I met Joe and of course didn't know who he was or what he would evntually become as a QB at CAL. I remember him as a very nice, quiet and humble guy. I enjoyed watching him as CAL's QB in 1975 and almost taking us to the Rose Bowl that year. Another memory I have of him was being able to watch him and the CAL FB team practice on the field behind Harmon gym, which was also CAL's BB field. I had a class in Harmon in the afternoon during the FB season and could see what an absolute stud he was throwing balls in practice. I count myself lucky to have met such a nice guy and great QB. It is still one of my fondest memories of my days at CAL. Of course, when he passed, I was quite sad. I will always be a Joe Roth and CAL fan. Thanks Joe, GO BEARS!!!!!