California Monthly

Title Author Date PDF
The Joe Roth Story John Crumpacker and Jon Rochmis March 1977

Contra Costa Times

Title Author Date PDF
Cal hasn't forgotten Joe Roth Jay Heater November 23, 2006

LA Times

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Grossmont Beats Santa Rosa, 15-12 Anonymous November 30, 1974
Junior College QB Touted as Bartkowski Replacement Anonymous December 25, 1974
West Virginia Runs Wild in 28-10 Victory Over Cal Anonymous September 21, 1975
Cal Wears Out Cougars, 33-21 Anonymous September 28, 1975
Cal Beats San Jose State With Late TD Pass, 27-24 Anonymous October 5, 1975
UCLA Beats Cal, 28-14; Vermeil Cries Foul Mal Florence October 26, 1975
The QB Game Anonymous November 7, 1975
Roth Passes Cal Closer to Bowl Anonymous November 9, 1975
Title Author Date PDF
Cal Puts on Rush, 31-22 Anonymous September 7, 1976
Roth's Reputation on Line With Cal's Tough Schedule Anonymous September 9, 1976
Roth Gets Cal Off Fast --- Georgia Steals It, 36-24 Bob Oates September 12, 1976
Sooners' Secondary Stifles Cal Anonymous September 19, 1976
Beavers Stop Roth to Upset Cal, 10-9 Anonymous October 17, 1976
Joe Roth Has Already Beaten Biggest Foe Skip Bayless October 21, 1976
Dankworth Has His Day as Roth Rests Skip Bayless October 24, 1976
Roth Gets the OK and He'll Play Bob Oates October 29, 1976
USC Beats Cal with Defense, 20-6 Bob Oates October 31, 1976
Bears Go 80 Yards to Defeat Huskies Anonymous November 7, 1976
Washington State Rally Barely Misses, 23-22 Anonymous November 14, 1976
Title Author Date PDF
Cal Quarterback Joe Roth Again Fighting Off Cancer Anonymous January 5, 1977
Joe Roth Accepts the Penalty Skip Bayless January 6, 1977
Roth Leaves Hospital Anonymous February 18, 1977
Joe Roth, 21, Dies After Long Fight with Cancer Anonymous February 20, 1977
1,000 Attend Roth Services Anonymous February 23, 1977
Joe Roth's Legacy Skip Bayless February 25, 1977
Bears Dedicate Season to Joe Roth Anonymous October 5, 1977
Bears Dedicate Game to Roth Mal Florence October 29, 1977

San Diego Evening Tribune

Title Author Date PDF
Cancer Strikes Down Star Athlete Joe Hughes February 21, 1977
Roth's Final Days Touched Many Lives Joe Hughes February 23, 1977
Hundreds Mourn Roth At Mass Anonymous February 23, 1977

San Diego Union

Title Author Date PDF
QB Roth's Toughest Foe? It Was Cancer Steve Bisheff 1977
QB Roth Dies of Cancer At 21 Anonymous February 20, 1977

San Francisco Chronicle

Title Author Date PDF
The Book on Joe Roth – A Mother's Lament Art Rosenbaum September 1984
Ranking the Quarterbacks David Bush September 1, 2004
Remembering Joe Roth: Cancer took dynamic QB 30 years ago John Crumpacker February 19, 2007

San Francisco Examiner

Title Author Date PDF
Joe Roth Remembered, 10 Years After His Death John Crumpacker February 15, 1987

The Californian

Title Author Date PDF
Grossmont Honors Distinguished Alumni Paul Sterman February 14, 1989

The Daily Californian - Berkeley

Title Author Date PDF
Spring Football Begins – Search For Another Bart Jon Rochmis and Bob Mansbach April 22, 1975
The Iceman Delivereth Steve Fields October 16, 1975
Roth and Benjamin: Similar Quarterbacks John Crumpacker November 18, 1976
Joe Roth Eulogized: Memorial Services Held Jon Rochmis February 23, 1977
Joe Roth: 1955-1977 John Crumpacker and Jon Rochmis October 27, 1977
Graumann Named First Recipient of Joe Roth Award Anonymous April 26, 1978

The Daily Californian - San Diego

Title Author Date PDF
Q-Back Posts Air Mark Bill Dickens 1973
A Mother Reflects Bill Dickens September 28, 1984

The East County Californian

Title Author Date PDF
A True Hall of Famer – UC Berkeley Honors the Late Sports Great Joe Roth of El Cajon Steve Dolan September 27, 2000

The East Cajon Californian

Title Author Date PDF
Griff Q-Back Knows About A Nightmare Bill Dickens August 1974
Joe Roth ’74 MVP For Griffs Steve Dolan December 1974
Griff Roth All-State Grid Pick Steve Dolan December 1974
Roth Plans On Playing For Bears Bill Dickens December 1974
Roth Selected Griff Athlete of Year Bill Dickens June 19, 1975

The Hayward Daily Review

Title Author Date PDF
Legend of Roth Lives On Jeff Faraudo December 27, 1991

Unknown Publications

Title Author Date PDF
Trying to Fill Bart’s Shoes Anonymous 1975
Joe Roth Known As Something Special Dennis Wynne Unknown


Title Author Date PDF
Number One Is Gone Anonymous April 15, 1977

Washington Post

Title Author Date PDF
Roth Leads California, 27-10 Anonymous October 10, 1976
Cal's Roth Takes Strike Two Bravely Byron Rosen January 6, 1977
Cal Quarterback Roth Dies Anonymous February 20, 1977
California Eulogizes Roth: Symbol of Humility, Courage Anonymous February 21, 1977